Back Pain Treatment In Delhi

Back pain is one of the common problems affects the large segment of the population . And the lower back area is the most common point of the pain . An effective way to cure the back pain is using the services of a senior acupuncture doctor.

Acupuncture is the safest , drug less and no -side effect treatment for various physical , emotional and mental diseases . It is one of the effective ways to treat back pain without increasing dependence on the medicines . The acupuncture treatment involves insertion of needles at certain points on the body . These points are connected by meridians and pathways , and create a flow of energy . Any blockage in the free flow of energy leads to diseases and pain .

The insertion of fine needles on the strategic points on the body also stimulates the central nervous system . The stimulation realises the chemicals into muscle , spinal cord , and brain . These chemicals help the natural healing process of the body to work and promote sense of well being .

There are various other methods that are used in the acupuncture back pain treatment in Delhi, which do not involve the use of needles . These methods range from moxibustion , a form of heat therapy , to cupping therapy , lasers , TDP heater , to magnets etc . The comprehensive discussion with our senior acupuncturist will help the patient to know the details of the therapy and duration of the treatment . Understanding the back pain level , and its intensity will help our senior doctor to recommend the perfect treatment plan . The complete treatment is provided through daily sessions of 30 -45 minutes . A client has to go through more than one session. The complete recovery will be after number of sessions and the number of sessions depend on the intensity of the back pain . The acupuncture treatment for back pain is pain less and provides the lasting cost- effective solution to the patients. Patients have reported significant reduction in the back pain after just couples of sessions .