Headache treatment in Delhi

Acupuncture offers the safest and lasting solution to the common problem of a headache among men and women . Acupuncture provides a lasting solution to the problem of a headache without the potential side effect of medications .

The acupuncture points for curing headache vary depending on the location of the pain and underlying factors that trigger the pain . The acupuncture treatment is used on the patient to calm sympathetic nervous system , promote healing blood flow and relaxation to the muscles of the neck and upper back . The biggest advantage of using the acupuncture treatment is that it address both the symptoms and causes of the headache .

The treatment is based on the ancient Chinese philosophy that free flow of energy in the body is must for healthy body . Any disturbance in the flow of energy , called qi , in Chinese, leads to diseases , emotional and mental disturbances . In acupuncture , fine needles are inserted in the body to promote the flow of energy and remove the hindrance in its path . The acupuncture headache treatment in Delhi , promotes the body of the patient to release natural painkillers , by insertion of needles on strategic points in the body of the patient . The insertion triggers a response from the nervous system . The nervous system helps the brain to release chemicals , which promotes natural healing process of the body .

The insertion of needles into the points also promote the blood flow to the affected area . The increased blood flow relaxes the muscles in head and neck . The direction of the blood flow addresses the cause of the tension headache pain . The acupuncture treatment from our senior doctor also reduce stress and regulate the stress response of the body of the patient .

Consultations with the doctor will help the client to know the details of the treatment and duration of the treatment . The treatment is in form of sessions and each session lasting 30 -45 minutes . Relief stars from the first session itself . The number of sessions depends on the severity of the headache . .